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Balenciaga custom typeface

MBAL Custom typeface

Preview: Balenciaga custom

A preview of the custom typeface we designed for Balenciaga’s new identity.
Just the beginning of the video, uppercase under the logotype. More infos and samples coming soon.

Art direction: Julien Gallico

New typeface: Baton

Baton is a sans serif typeface with narrow proportions combining eccentric shapes inspired by french vernacular typography with the simplicity of modern sans serifs. Peculiar details and a low contrast make the design slightly strange yet elegant, but it is the exaggerated high and low midline in the uppercase and the small x-height which give Baton its distinctive flair. Relatively wider and more toned down, the lowercase allow Baton to function not only as a display typeface, but also for short texts such as leads in magazine.
Baton comes in 10 styles with an extended language support and a wide range of OpenType features such as ligatures, alternate letters, tabular and lowercase figures, fractions, and a stylistic set of uppercase with thin accents for headlines with tight leading.
Designed by Yassin Baggar and Anton Koovit. Originally commissioned by Yorgo Tloupas and Paul Chemetoff for the redesign of GQ France magazine.

Baton is available exclusively at
Get the free trial fonts from our homepage (Try button) and test the typeface directly in your design.


Check our previous blog post for a more in-depth look at Baton in use for GQ France.

Custom typeface: GQ Baton

Back in 2010, we created three uppercase custom typefaces for the redesign of GQ France: GQ Serif, GQ Slab, and GQ Baton: a narrow, half dandy half awkward looking sans serif. Planning to refresh the design of the magazine, art director Paul Chemetoff asked us to complete GQ Baton with lowercase letters, and to create italics for both Light and ExtraBold weights. Here is a look at the July issue displaying the new fonts. Baton will soon be available for licensing publicly.
(Text typeface in GQ France is Adelle by TypeTogether).

Journal B custom

Journal B is the first online magazine for the city of Bern – the swiss Federal City – focusing on everyday, political and cultural subjects. The development of the project was led by Apps with love. Responsible for the design, Alice Kuhn and Manuel Schibli brought us in to work on a custom typeface. Our Aleksei was also chosen for the text. This was the opportunity for us to focus on the subject of webfonts and improve Aleksei for the web.
The Journal B typeface was designed by Yassin Baggar and Manuel Schibli.


Custom typeface: Derzeit

In december 2011, Manuel Schibli, art director of Derzeit, an independent daily magazine for the Berlin Fashion Week, approached Yassin Baggar to collaborate on a new set of fonts for the redesign of the January issues, a very short deadline. His intention was to change the look of the magazine, and give it a harder and more mature appearance. The new typography breaks away from the rounder and “fashion-esque” aspect of the previous fonts, with a more radical approach. Hard edges break round shapes in unusual places. At the detriment of legibility, the letters are intentionally eccentric, even incoherent, serving the main purpose of the typeface: to convey the identity of the magazine. Not everything changed from the previous design: the letter z, a very distinct element of the previous logotype, remained very special, making the typeface and the magazine directly recognizable, whether one looks at the cover or spreads. The Derzeit typeface consists of 6 styles: a regular which is mainly used in small sizes for the events programme, a medium style for leads, and four condensed styles that are used from the smallest to the biggest sizes.


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